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Elbert Motor really is a company whose tag-line "We've been friends a long time. Since 1946" really means something.

Joe Elbert began his career in car sales by displaying a used car at the Schumuke's Standard Oil station at the corner of 5th and Jefferson. As sales increased Joe purchased a Pontiac franchise and began selling cars at a location at 515 E. Fifth St., Washington, Missouri, in October of 1946.

Joe's earliest sales were limited because the production of cars was restricted during World War II and those dealers who were in business before the war got preferential allotment of cars after the war. Unfortunately that was not the case for Joe with his post war start and he was limited to only six new cars per year in addition to the used car sales. This didn't detur Joe, but gave him time to plan a growth strategy.

Big changes came when the business moved to 1201 E. Fifth St. and became a family business when son Ron Elbert joined the business in 1954 and second son Harley joined the business in 1971. By 1987, they increased their franchise adding Buick and GMC trucks.

In 1991, Ron bought out his brothers interest in the business and later made a decision to step away from the car business for a few years. He sold to Modern Auto in 1998.

Somehow, once bitten by the car sales bug, you can't leave it forever. In 2006 Ron opened a new car business, Elbert Motor Co., located at the corner of 5th St. and Fulton, where Ron uses his years of buying experience to find the best used cars that offer a good value.

Recent changes in 2010 bring expansion to the world wide web offering an online presence and open wide the market for those looking for good quality used cars. Please check out this web site often for the latest inventory or stop on by to see Ron.

Thanks for checking out Elbert Motor Co.... where "We've been friends a long time."